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Pagan Broadcasting International is the premier location on the Internet where you can find all of the best in Pagan music and programming. We're constantly growing and there is much on the horizon! 

Your Favorite podcasts

A Pagan Heart in Maine with Greywolf Moonsong is here, As with all podcasts airing on PBI, you'll find A Pagan Heart in Maine listed on our upcoming program schedule.
Peter Paddon will be joining us with his Crooked Path Pagan Podcast. Like other podcasts, we'll be airing archived episodes as well as the latest offerings!
Druidcast is offered by Damh the Bard and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.
PaganFM is here as well. Now approaching 300 episodes, over time, the entire series will be aired.
As well as extant podcasts, we'll be airing some that have been silent for some time. 

Featured Artist: Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance Through a Sylvan Doorway
Through a Sylvan Doorway
Spiral Dance, hailing from Down Under was one of the first bands to join this project we're calling Pagan Broadcasting International!

Featured Artist: Gaia Consort / Bone Poets Orchestra

Gaia Consort - the whole band

Gaia Consort

Bone Poets Orchestra was originally known as Gaia Consort, until they changed their name in 2009. Founded by Christopher Bingham and Sue Tinney in 1997, they've worked with many well-known Pagan performers and bands including Heather Alexander and Dan Ochipinti of Uffington Horse.

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