What we’re about

Pagan Broadcasting International is about bringing the Pagan community closer together. We’ll be at various events , broadcasting live. We’ll host podcasts, news programs, and lots of great music.

We’ll also strive to be a voice of reason, a means for letting the larger world find a way to understand us, and to recognize that we are, in fact, just like them.

Our history

We had a first attempt some years ago, and it kind of fizzled. Dee was busy working on too many projects. The reboot of PBI occurred in July of 2018, during the first New England Metaphysical and Holistic festival. We broadcasted live, throughout the entire event. We also plan on being on the air during the Eastern Mass Pagan Pride day, and during other upcoming events.

Our future

Step 1 is getting a full automation system going.
Step 2 is to build a system where presenters can log in from wherever they happen to be, and do live broadcasts.
Step 3 is to look at getting an actual on-air terrestrial radio station going.
Step 4 is to have actual networked radio.

Along with this, is the building of an actual news team, and a number of on-air personalities.

Call to Action